She said this to me and I thought long and hard, though I knew in reality she was referring to the liquid refreshment I had expressed want for only moments before.

"I'd like a sunrise in the middle of the day, and the moon as a pillow to rest my head."

Of course, she kind of smiled at me and then looked away almost distantly, and then back, with that questioning look, almost confusion.

"I'd like a dream, but I'm reluctant to sleep".

No, no, that's not what she meant, an insisting glance.

"I'd like water from a fountain, water from the mouth of a little cherub sitting upon a pedestal."

She seems to think she can follow through with this last request and strolls off to the kitchen, returning with a glass of water for me, I'll cherish it as if she were the cherub's mouth from wence it came.

I love my best friend.

I don't mean for this to be a getting to know you node, sorry if it came across that way. It's just something I thought was sort of neat, and thus I decided to share it.

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