The Tennessee Walking Horse is a very noble and majestic breed. It has been my experience that they fall into every hole within a ten mile radius, and feel the need to jump anything that stands over ten inches tall, but they are also very well dispositioned and will get you where you need to go.
The National Walking Horse show is held in Shelbyville, TN, and is called the "Celebration". Consequently, everything else in the town is also called celebration, such as the "Celebration Motel", "Celebration Motors", and the "Celebration Diner". This is, however; a national show, and very revered by the locals as well as anyone obsessed enough with the breed to want to be in Shelbyville.
The National Walking Horse Celebration takes place in late summer, and lasts eleven days. The Celebration ends on the Saturday before labor day, and takes place in Calsonic Arena. I would have included previous grand champions in this write-up, but it costs seven dollars to view this information. If you feel so inclined, go to

A child's toy, similar to a rocking horse. But rather than two long runners connecting the front feet to the back, the walking horse has smaller runners, one on each foot. The front legs are connected to eachother and can swing forward. There is a rope (reins) attached to the front legs, so when the child rocks back, he or she pulls the rope, swinging the front legs out. Then, the child rocks forward onto the extended front legs. The back of the horse is pulled forward so the horse is in the neutral position. In this manner, the toy horse may "walk" across a room.

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