I don't get many formal invites to formal occassions. This is a situation I'm actually quite happy with. I hate turning up at the prescribed time, looking smart and meeting people I only vaguely know. I dislike being on my best behaviour and I detest trying to make sure I don't get too drunk. Weddings, birthday parties, social evenings with your work colleagues. They all bore me for the most part. I'd far rather do it on spec, call a few people up, meet down the pub and have a few. Maybe go eat somewhere, not anywhere that's somewhere in particular - those are the worst places to eat.

But sometimes I do get an invite that intrigues, and the one I received just a few days ago did just that. It was simple enough, the residence/hotel I am staying at is having a buffet type thing for all their long-term guests and they left a letter in my room asking me to attend. Nothing special, just a short note thanking me for my stay and informing me of the date, time and place. It was the last sentence that got me though, it said

Waiting forward to seeing you

It did so, in truth, because it was written by someone whose first language was French and not English. But the sentence hit me.

Waiting Forward.

I have decided that from now on I will no longer be simply waiting, hanging around or biding my time. If I'm going to wait on anything at all then from now on I'm going to wait forward.

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