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I come from Wadsworth hell, God doesn't exist there.

Moreso, Wadsworth seems to think that they are the center of the earth. I'm sorry, no...I don't think so.

I graduated in the year of our lord 1996 from the hell's demon's lair.

I went to Kent State University (READ: SHITHOLE) for 3 years. I seriously hope the place burns to the ground so that the ewoks can once reclaim their burial grounds. I may go as far as to say that Skeletor's castle once claimed this as feverant sacred land.

After 3 years of pain & anguish (also after seeing What Dreams May Come), I figured there has to be a better life either by mental masturbation or self-proclamation to get my life in order I moved on. At this time, I call the dark years at KSU I had been working for the man & getting shitty paychecks for shitty hours. It's a good thing TM that I was working there at that time, because I ended up getting referred to a local Web Development Company in Mecca of Cleveland.

This part of my life will remain secret, NDA's are cool. I really don't have an NDA, I just thought it would be neat to actually use it without actually meaning it.

At this time, feeling shitty at KSU getting round-about grades in Graphic Design I decided to high-tail it out of that hell-hole. Nancy Cartwright, president *whisper* I don't think so. *whisper*

I went to Akron University/University of Akron & enrolled in CIS, Computer Information Systems for the laymen.

That was pretty boring, I was working off and on with DigiKnow GOTO: paragraph 5, last sentence.

I got "bored" with the degree I was going for (READ: I HATE SCHOOL I NEVER WANT TO RETURN HERE). I ended up accepting a glorious offer from DigiKnow, where I have been for more than a year now "programming." i.e. doing cool shit.

Here I am. No girlfriends. Been on 2 dates. I'm on a 5 year plan, if nothing comes of's all over.


Update: 11/08/2004:

Work for a insurance company. Live in Stow.