The second in command at a high school. Usually in charge of discipline. The one I knew well, when I was a teacher, was an early (1968) battler of the War On Drugs. The school was one of those open-plan types, with the "halls" being outdoor passageways separated by plantings of groundcover.

At the time "Good & Plenty" candy, licorice bits coated in white and pink, had an uncanny resemblance to some street drug. It was also available in the school vending machines.

And the students, bless their Evil Ways, would stuff Good & Plenty candies into baggies and hide them among the shrubs.

So, during class, I would be teaching away and suddenly there would be a triumphant YELL outside my window. The Vice Principal would have dived into the shrubs and emerged with one of the baggies held high. This happened over and over.

He never seemed to get it.

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