I made this terribly easy recipe on the spot one night when cooking for my girlfriend and I found I had some rice left over.

Cooked white rice Vanilla almond milk Cinnamon Sugar

Take your cooked rice and put it in a pan with the almond milk (I suggest Almond Breeze). There should be just enough almond milk so that it's level with the top of the rice. Put the pan on medium low heat and cook down the mixture till there is no more almond milk. If when the almond milk is all cooked off the rice hasn't broken down enough, just add more almond milk and keep cooking. By this point it should have reached a very thick consistency and the rice should be rather broken down into...well a pudding like consistency. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste and you're done.

This is a good recipe base that one could expand from easily. I put shaved chocolate on top when i served it. The addition of fruits or other spices could also take this from mediocre to fancy right quick.


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