A Usenet newsgroup dedicated to discussion of local stuff at the University of South Florida, and whatever non-local stuff interested its users -- "the intellectual red-light district of USF," as the FAQ puts it. Its glory days were probably 1994-1996, as the regulars of those years have long since graduated, losing access to the USF news server, or moved into jobs that don't allow them time to post, and new students don't head for Usenet the way they did in earlier years. ".miscers" got together for lunch occasionally on campus or nearby at the University Mall.

A home page for the newsgroup is still available at http://www.segnbora.com/usfmisc.html, with links to the group's FAQ and pictures taken at some of our lunch get-togethers. There is also a Yahoo! Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/usfmisc/ which attempted to keep the old regulars in touch, but it has also been dormant for some time as I write.

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