You know when you're lying quietly on your bed, or say the couch in your living room at night and suddenly a car outside swooshes past the window and its headlights sweep across the ceiling in perfect synchronicity with that swooshing sound?

Well that is URBAN GRIT.

It's film noirish and reminds you of Humphrey Bogart when he played all those bit parts as Hood #3...

Then you sit up off your pillow and as you do so, the reflection of the street light outside moves through your venetian blinds and casts a wierd kind of shadow over your body - lines and lines cutting across your skin, William Gibson style.

This is also urban grit, and it is not the only kind. Light from mechanical or artificial sources is especially potent because of the Bladerunner-esque impressions it evokes, but anything that seems to do this kind of thing could literally be classified as urban grit.

the most important thing to do when you experience a moment of catching urban grit at work is to remark on it.

You say "Oooohhhh...URBAN GRIT" because it is a good reminder that we all live in a film as well...

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