This play was lost in 1967, banished to the nether regions of Andy Warhol's New York studio, the Factory. It was found again quite some years later under some lighting equipment in a silver trunk belonging to Billy Name. The Andy Warhol Museum has (or had) it on display. Several people now own copies. I am not one of them, damn it all.

Excerpt from the dedication:
"I dedicate this play to Me;
a continuous source of strength and guidance, and without whose unflinching loyalty, devotion and faith, this play could never have been written.
Additional acknowledgements: Myself-
For proofreading, editorial comment, helpful hints, criticism and suggestions and an exquisite job of typing.
I -
for Independent research into men, married women and other degenerates."

This play has been staged once ever. George Coates, a San Francisco based director of plays, aquired the rights to have it performed. It ran for six months (November '99 thru April '00) in Performance Works at San Francisco's Civic Center and I missed it! What the hell is wrong with me? >8/

I've read some reviews. And the basic gist of Up Your Ass seems to be something like this:

The main character is Bongi Perez. She is a hustler and a panhandler. She is also a lesbian. Bongi Perez says: "I'm so female, I'm subversive."
She loiters around the street, making money, cruising broads ("lowdown, funky broads"), and generally spouting witticisms and pontificating on the pitfalls of an American male dominated society. She encounters various characters as she goes about her day. One such character is Ginger who catches Bongi's eye as she's searching around the sidewalk for a misplaced turd she needs for a dinner party that she's hosting for two male friends later. Bongi asks Ginger if she's going to serve her guests the turd. Ginger replies, "You're impossible! I assure you I have no intention, whatsoever, of serving my guests a turd. The turd's for me. Everybody knows that men have much more respect for women who are good at lapping up shit." Another character is Mrs. Arthur Hazlitt, a housewife who ends up strangling her child with his super glue erection(I shudder to think). These are only two in what seems to be a whole plethora of personalities who have exchanges of one sort or another with Bongi. One gets the impression that, as the play progresses, Bongi is able to enlighten these sorry women and inspire them to emancipate themselves from the submissive roles that their society has assigned them and they have so eweishly accepted. (is eweish a word?)

So that's generally it. Again, I didn't see it so I can't give a definite and complete synopsis.

Alternate titles for Up Your Ass were From the Cradle to the Boat, The Big Suck and Up From the Slime

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