A universe deck is a fantastic tool for beginning writers, writers looking for a challenge, or even writers suffering from the dreaded writer’s block! The idea was introduced to me by my eleventh grade creative writing teacher, a woman that influenced me in MANY ways.

To create your own universe deck, you start with approximately fifty blank note cards, and you write random words on each one of them, somewhat like a stream of consciousness. You can also add interesting magazine clippings, photographs, and copies of your favorite artworks. Anything goes! While flipping through my deck, I see Memory, Ivy, Jealousy, Dry Skin, Green (surprise, surprise), Brianna, Seattle, Messy,Cleavage, Too Much Stuff, and the list goes on and on. After a while, you will find many new things to add, and you will also take out some words that you have not found to be of any use.

Have you created one? Are you ready to write? Well, here are your instructions:

1) Shuffle your deck.
2) Select three cards without peeking.
3) Eliminate one card (you can look this time).
4) Write a piece about the two remaining cards, and intertwine the ideas and substances associated with the cards.
5) Revise your piece.
6) If it’s good, post it on E2!!

I hope this idea is helpful. It can be extremely fun and challenging sometimes! Good Luck!

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