A Belgian style ale which has gone through three stages of fermentation. Alternatively spelled "trippel," there is still a debate as to whether the name refers to the three stages of fermentation or the fact that a triple has three times the extract value of a single-fermented ale. Tripples should have a very complex, hoppy flavor with a significant bite, and are best served cool, not cold, in a wide rimmed glass to release the incredibly strong aroma. Due to the triple-fermentation process, most tripples are 8% or higher in alcohol content. The only one I've tried is New Belgium Trippel, which is actually higher-rated (on ratebeer.com and epinions.com) than many authentic Belgian-brewed Tripples. Three New Belgium Trippels are roughly equivalent in alcoholic kick to five bottles of Fat Tire, Coors Banquet Beer, or Budweiser.

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