This is an easy project that looks impressive and often makes people ask me "how did you do that?!" Takes a bit of thinking and a little bit of elbow grease, not to imply that there is anything hard and undoable in this project. These are the basic steps.

TIPS: Remember, you can always re-boil the toothbrush if it doesn’t fit right. You can also boil just certain segments if it's getting too flat in those areas. If you shape it, and completely submerge the toothbrush in the boiling water, the toothbrush WILL straighten itself and return to its original state. Some toothbrush brands work better than others, and some instead of bending simply break, remember that when picking out your toothbrushes. I like Oral B because they are flat and basically the same width throughout.

Also keep in mind that some brands, especial toothbrushes aimed at kids have fun designs on them usually with cartoons. So have fun, and make sure to make enough for your friends, since they too will want one.

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