my friend bob from wrote:

September sounds old, far away. here. it sounds like a July wish last year. a wish for september. a fall kiss. a ringing in my ears. like the bright warmth of a new set of guitar strings. a full bodied chord. but it is here. I'm not smarter or better looking. just hot and tired and wishing for a miracle like last year.

We see those scenes in movies all the time, the lone young person with a glass of dark liquor and a cigarette, somewhere alone with his or her thoughts. We don't see the world that would likely be if this scene had played itself over and over in the person's life, because then we would see cancer and alcoholism. No. We see this one moment where we have all found ourselves, or most of us. If you haven't found yourself there at some point, it's almost like you would never understand what it means, to have times like those.

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