When a gas is heated, its molecules move faster. This causes a pressure increase which, if not constrained, causes the gas to expand over a larger volume.

Asuka Langley Sohryu attempts to explain Thermal Expansion to Shinji Ikari in Evangelion Episode 10. One of the things Neon Genesis Evangelion is famed for is the size of Asuka's Breasts. Asuka puts them to good use in her explanation. The following is an excerpt from Episode 10.

Scene: The gang is at the pool. Shinji is doing his homework at a table and Asuka, dressed in a very tight bikini, comes over and asks about the question he is doing.

Shinji: It's a problem of thermal expansion.

Asuka: Thermal Expansion? How childish! In short, things swell and get bigger when warmed, and shrink and get smaller when cooled, you know…

Shinji: I know that but…

At this Asuka grasps her breasts in both hands.

Asuka: In my case, do you think my breasts will get bigger when warmed?

Shinji: Don't ask me! I have no idea!

Asuka: What an uninteresting guy!

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