2018 Feb 7

10 minutes: The dream of the peacock

It was one of many colors, a dream that was impossible in the humdrum life it was used to. It was a dream it strived for, despite never being able to reach it in reality.

Light played with darkness in previously unimagined ways. Colors weaved into one another, defying both physics and logic. It was a dream after all - science need not apply. Colors and shades pulsed in rhythm to its heartbeat and its breathing.

It was a dream it did not want to wake up from. It knew it couldn't achieve better in our world, so it forced itself back to sleep in the brief moments it drifted awake, chasing its elusive ideal, not wanting to give up experiencing something so impossible. The world beyond its eyelids was dark and gray. The world inside its mind blazed with a brillance that would have been blinding, were it not merely a figment of its imagination.

Blues were a luminous blue, shimmering with a billion different variations. Reds burned with the fire of a thousand stars, only to be overwhelmed by the pastoral greens and yellows, washing over its mind, and bringing a peace it had not felt since it was taken from its family.

This was the heaven it had wanted, this was where it wanted to stay. The other world it did not want to think about, lest it seep in and pollute its visions.

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