This is kind of a meme right now. It's still a little hip, just getting stale, coming to you only less than fresh. Filling up your thinkpan with some Grade A knowledge.

It's the wrong side of the tracks, just a few clicks away. It's the inexplicably weird and the plain misleading. Someone will probably prove that for any video on YouTube, you are at most five "related" links away from some truly weird shit.

Try #1:

The Whale Song - Modest Mouse ->
Modest Mouse Dramamine on Ukelele ->
Modest Mouse - "Float On" Pennywise Edition ->
Pennywise the Retarded Clown (lost my shit at this one, lulz) ->
The Lord of Darkness is pleased

Well, that wasn't so bad. I think I've empirically proven that the weird part of YouTube isn't big enough yet. Or at least, the way they handle music tends to keep the "related" sidebar populated by mostly also music. So, I found this:

Creepiest Videos on Youtube.

Basically every related link will send you to something on the weird side. There you will learn firsthand. No one can be told what the weird part of YouTube is. They must see it for themselves. I can only show you the door; you are the one who must walk through it.

What else can be said about the weird part of YouTube? The videos tend to have long dislike bars and misleading thumbnails. These facts are related; most YouTubers expected to blow their load, possibly leading to the classic "I can't fap to this" or "I find this difficult to masturbate to" in lieu of the newer "I'm in that weird part of YouTube again..." If you've watched YouTube for a total of more than 24 hours, it is doubtless that you have already seen this. Hell, let's try again, this time using a link from YouTube's front page.

Try #2:

Savannah Cat Brushing Her Teeth The Most Famouse Cat In The World (awwwww) ->
World's Largest Cats ->
worlds longest eyelashes ever ->
Retarded Running Horse (Original) ->
RE: Strangest (Possibly Creepiest) Clip Ever

BONUS: This was another choice from the eyelash video:
Demon Baby Writes a Haiku
And so was this:
The World's smallest waists

Now, finally, I will find a video without a superlative in the title.

Try #3:

Scout and the Intelligence ->
Ive got a golden Wrench ->
Will it blend? - Golden Wrench ->
Will It Blend? - far as you know ->
fish in blender

Yeah, I know, I cheated. You could totally stick to those safe Will it Blend? videos, or your favorite band, or cats. But that's not how the Internet works! We barely have the attention span for a five minute video, OF COURSE we're going to pick the craziest shit to come up! You can avoid the weird part of YouTube as long as you stay out of ADD mode.

Seriously, somebody do math to this! Find me a proof of how many nodes you can go without hitting the weird part of YouTube.

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