War on terrorism

September 11, 2001 was, without doubt, one of the most significant days in 2001. Three planes were used as missiles against the WTC and the Pentagon by a rogue force (i.e terrorists).

USA's president, George W. Bush said right away that he was going to find "those folks" who did this to his country. The word "war" was used from an early stage.

Here is how it all happened:



yes, this thing is badly under need of an upgrade. I am working on it. (february, 2003)
Today we reached an important milestone in the war on terrorism. In honor of this, I sent the following letter to our Beloved Leader.

Dear George,

Today the official death toll of your dirty little war has reached the 2,000 mark. This is only US military casualties. It does not include the Iraqi civilians who have died, or the American and foreign national civilians who have been ambushed, kidnapped, beheaded, shot, blown up, and otherwise killed.

So, it's 2,000. Since March of 2003. That's less than three years, George. Three years of little boys playing GI Joe and dying for your imaginary weapons of mass destruction that have never been found.

Meanwhile, back at home, your administration is taking a Nixonian turn, isn't it? Your vice president is implicated in leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent. Your primary puppeteer appears to be in it up to his neck, too. Your job approval ratings have sunk to an all time low and are still sinking, and holy crap, a majority of Americans are now saying that this little war of yours is wrong, immoral, and should end.

I still don't see Jenna or Barbie or any of your brothers' kids over in Iraq or Afghanistan. I guess you're saving them out for Syria? Heaven knows, we could use some of that indomitable force of character you Bushes possess in our next theater of war. Are they getting ready to serve? Have they been trying on their Versace camo fatigues? I bet Jenna's behind looks great in a tight pair. Before you try to draft any of the children I love, Mr. Bush, I expect you to send your own pair in.

You've managed to do what Ronald Reagan failed to. You've started World War Three. Except it isn't really a world war, now, is it? It's really just a war against Islam, right? It's just your little way of keeping the world safe for Democracy and for Jesus. You make me ashamed to be an American, and even more ashamed to be a Christian.

So how many more kids are going to die before you are satisfied? How many Iraqi children need to be bombed out of their homes? How many more little old men will be shot in the streets? How many more truck drivers from Australia or the US will be beheaded? And how many more young men will be shot from ambush, dying for some ideal that only you and Karl Rove know about?

Just some questions for you to think about.

One or two more.

How can you bow your head and seek your Father in prayer, knowing that you are a lying, murdering swine? How much hypocrisy do you really possess? They say that your White House is the most prayerful White House in recent memory. Do you believe that God is really standing there saying "You bet, George, war is good. Let's kill some of those Me-damned towel headed sand rats!"?

It's time to put down the crack pipe, George. Your administration is crumbling, and the people are getting tired of you.

No love,

Jenn McWhorter

PS: I was just in the living room listening to my kids playing in their room. They were singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands", and my youngest sang "He's got President Bush..." - and then my middle son said, "No, no He doesn't! But he DOES have... Richard Nixon in His hands... Nixon wasn't as bad as Bush!" The middle boy is 10, and even he is on to you.

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