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For purposes of this story, you play the part of a tired working man. You've been home for a while, and your next shift starts at 6 AM. For best results, spend the day working on something mindless or otherwise mentally draining, and come home late to an empty house.
Bruce Springsteen -- The Fever (7:26)
It's not amazingly late, but you have to be up early enough that you should have been in bed long ago. Eight hours of sleep is for other people, though. But you're bored and need something to do. Maybe the idiot box has something...

King Missile -- The Commercial (2:20)
"Weird Al" Yankovic -- Mr. Popeil (4:43)
B-52s -- Channel Z (4:49)
Bah. There's nothing on but infomercials, nonsensical commercials, and stupid programs; in your state of mind, they all just dissolve into the background. The computer catches your eye across the room; maybe it can entertain you enough to free your mind and finally let you sleep?

Kraftwerk -- Computerlove (6:34)
You search through IRC channels and other forms of digital communication, but no luck; all is quiet. You fire up your emulator, hoping maybe games from your past will help a little.

Seth -- M.U.L.E. theme (2:13) The games quickly lose their lustre; you don't have the brain power right now to really enjoy them, nor do they calm the racing thoughts in your head enough to let you sleep. Your mind settles on old patterns of lonliness as you stare across your barely furnished livingroom.

Jimi Hendrix -- Burning of the Midnight Lamp (3:35)
Human contact, that's what you need. You dig through old files and phone books, hoping to find a number of someone awake and willing to talk.

Electric Light Orchestra -- Telephone Line (4:40)
No luck; just dead air, busy signals, and the occasional answering machine. It's tuesday night, where could everybody be? You find yourself walking in a daze towards the bedroom anyway.

Santo and Johnny -- Sleepwalk (2:22)
Maybe some exercise will tire you out enough, and the body will win out and allow the brain to shut down?

Tenacious D -- Cock Pushups (0:48)
No, you can't even do one. Your mind is spinning, caught up in memories of past regrets, like it has been these past few nights, especially after such lonely days.

Smashing Pumpkins -- Soma (6:40)
You drag yourself to bed anyway, humming old lullabyes to yourself, trying maybe to hypnotize yourself into an earlier, more peaceful state.

Tom Petty -- Alright For Now (2:00)
Spaniels -- Goodnight Sweetheart (2:42)
As you lie there, staring at the clock and watching the seconds tick by painfully slowly, you realise that there are still three days left in the week.. at least, at least, this one is over...

Metallica and Friends -- Tuesday's Gone (live) (8:55)

tuesday night, 11 pm: the pleasures of insomnia are ones i haven't found -- (59:47)

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