We were walking around in the middle of the night as we were prone to doing every so often, for no other reason than to take in the strangeness of that town. That little town, when the darkness settled all around and the most peculiar individuals wandered about. There was that man, the one who chased people down in his pick-up truck, and those people on the corner. The people on the corner, they were so afraid everyone was out to get them that it turned into a game of sorts for the bored youngsters. Of course, I was one of the bored youngsters, so I felt obligated to join in. We'd just stand by their house, and they would come running out of the house cursing at us.. all we had to do was say something that might even remotely suggest that we were going to take one step closer and the entire family would run out and pile into the truck, chase after us, throw rocks. Granted, this could have been a painful way to pass the time, but they all had really terrible aim.

The best, though, was when it was just you and me that night and we were walking around, talking as per usual and I ran up to the telephone pole and hugged it, greeted it as if it were a long lost relative. I believe I gave it the name Fred, though it matters not either way. You looked at me with that somewhat incredulous look and I laughed into the night. "I think you've gone off the deep end", you said to me, though I remember you added some other comical remarks that escape me at present. "The deep end? What's that?", and we both walked to your house and listened to music in your basement with your dog that would bite people's faces if they tried to pet him while he was on that old beat up couch.

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