I’m sitting here, noticing something not quite right. Something different that I can’t explain. I pause my winamp, shut off my monitor and take a look around my room. All is still. Quiet. And then I notice it. It’s too still. My room isn’t pulsating, it isn’t glowing... and it’s not because I’m coming off a trip or anything. When it gets dark, my room is illuminated by the Citgo Sign. And tonight the sign is off.

At first I worried, then I questioned, then I got mad. Those fuckers, how dare they shut off the sign! Who says they can just do that. It’s akin to shutting the light off outside your front door. A slap in the face... no, don’t come home tonight. You are not welcome. Find some other place to go.

I’m hurt and appalled. Is it as simple as some screwup forgot to flick the switch, did it break, is there some kind of protest or something... I just want to know why. Why on this day they denied us the Citgo Sign. I look out my window and see the Hole that used to be Kenmore Square and then I get pissed. My city is going to hell.

Well, certainly the portion outside my window is.

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