Fair use be damned, i noded Fuck You Hoe a long while ago. i probably should have gotten permission first. or something. purely for shits & giggles i hit up djassault.com, found Assault's email address and fired off a quick email.

Assault -

i've been a fan for a while, and i'd like your permission to post your lyrics to
"Fuck You Hoe" to help spread the love. It's on a non-profit website, a
user-submitted and maintained dictionary of sorts, purely for shits and giggles.
And to get some heathens exposed to the wonders of your jams. Also if you've got
any leads as to who broke into my house and made off with my copy of "Off The
Chains For The Y2K", lemme know so i can get they mouth blew out.

days passed and i expected not to hear back. i mean, seriously, j. random motherfucker emails DJ Assault and wants permission to use his lyrics? Like unto a snowball in hell. This morning, Cinco De Mayo, 2003, i got a reply.


     I don't have a problem with the lyrics.  Where do
you live?


and in a later email,

mind if i put up the lyrics to Ass 'n Titties as well?

a few hours later


So not only do i have DJ Assault's permission to post lyrics, he currently lives in town and he's gonna help me get them theives' mouths blew out.


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