When I was teaching for the military, we had a gent who was the biggest idiot I had ever met.

Sometimes we get folks with reading deficiencies or dyslexia. To overcome these problems we give extra one-on-one attention and go over the information in great detail. These folks are never the highest-scoring kids in the classroom, but they do learn and they become successful technicians. I've had one person thank me for getting him on the road to learning how to read (he went to college and received an Associates degree).

There was one individual who was such an imbecile that I am insulting the imbeciles of the world by associating this person with them. He could read, he could sometimes do what was required. He could not follow directions. He almost killed people with high voltage because he was not thinking. He could never follow the computerized step-by-step instructions for solving problems. He was just STUPID. We worked with him, he just said he was tired and not thinking when the accidents happened.

This carried over to his life outside of work. He was late for class one time, so he decided to just drive through the front gate on a military base, racing past the guards at 55 miles per hour. He had a wife, believe it or not. He got her pregnant at 13 when he was 22. She had a miscarriage. He impregnated her again while he was on probation for sexual assault on a minor. She married him when she was 15 so he would not go to prison. Then she had another miscarriage.

At this time he joined the US military. He impregnated her yet again, and at a party I found out why she had miscarriages. He was yelling at her to smoke cigarettes so the baby would not grow too much and ruin her figure. He took her soda cans and put liquor in it so she'd get drunk and he could screw her again (she didn't want a miscarriage again, but did not know that what he was asking her to do was causing them). When I found out about the liquor (the party was at my house) I had a friend take her home and kept him there. He was rambling on about how he was screwing several officer's and chief's wives. This turned out to be true when he was caught with his dick in some officer's wife. Unfortunately, it was someone from his command. Oops! I wonder why people who have severe problems in one head get compensated in the other head. He was apparently hung like a mule and went to a bar near the base to pick up wives whose husbands had left for a cruise.

I ended up having him dropped from training. Nobody had ever been dropped from training in the history of that outfit, and they had to write to the main command to find out how it was done. He was sent to a boat to chip paint and sweep floors.

His wife had another miscarriage, then left him. He wanted to get out of the military, so he hired a male prostitute and brought him to the barracks. He left the door to his room open while the prostitute performed fellatio on him. He was kicked out with a dishonorable discharge when he admitted he had done it intentionally.

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