beware: there's always a second cage

as soon as your ego-borne mind separates
itself from the closed space of imprisonment
another prison will take its place

with uncertain terms compared to the first cage
under circumstances of shame, or mistrust, guilt,
conviction, abandonment, little shades of everything

shades of the sort of willpower gained from intense isolation
think of the adjustments your mind and soul might make on an island
the social disorder of a singular life under a lock

but what if my second cage is my first?
will there still be another cage to follow?

you're missing the point...there's no such thing as a cage

if you could retrace your steps you would only find yourself,
and that your consciousness is the stasis is the prison
who demands, demanding nourishment, progress, escape

"You said look behind what came before,
But how can you tell the sea from the shore?"

- Cryptacize, "The Cage" (Asthmatic Kitty records, 2009)

April, 2015

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