I just saw Dracula 2000 the other night, and I wasn't that impressed.  I mean, it was entertaining and all, but I thought they tried to change too much.  WARNING: SPOILER.  I mean..come on..Dracula has to be Slavic, and in this movie, they tie the whole aversion to Christianity thing to the fact that Dracula is really Judas Iscariot.
As if that wasn't enough, whoever wrote the screenplay had seen Stigmata too much, as Dracula was running around leaving messages scrawled in Aramaic. Whatever
happened to good old gothic-themed vampire stories? :)

    On the drive home it hit me that Yeats would be dancing a jig if he'd seen this movie. The christian/supernatural themes that have been popping up in movies lately are a sign that we're aware of the end of the millenium.  Yeats of course would say that this is all because the beast is coming.  It brings to mind the image of the beast "sloutching towards Bethlehem" from his poem The Second Coming.  Yeats believed that time was cyclical, and not linear.  History moves in roughly 2000 year cycles.  It's actually a bit more complicated.  He believed that it was not just cyclical, but in fact spiral, and each spiral of history was connected to another with ever-widening gyres.  All very complex, and
makes you think of Chrono Cross, or the Age Lace from The Wheel of Time series.

    I found it amusing that even something as straight-forward as Dracula was somehow infused with this sense of religious calamity, given the fact that the new millenium is days
away :)

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