The average Role-Playing Community consists of two distinct places, and a combination of personality archetypes. They are outlined as such.

PLACE: The Games Store - This is a conveniently located comic book/role playing games store that is generally located within a few blocks of the freeway. It can be easily identified by the following telltale signs: Faded posters featuring Marvel Super-Heroes, a sign proclaiming that they sell Magic: The Gathering cards, a random cardboard cutout of an anime character, a crudely scrawled sign with the Special of the Week written in dried out magic marker, and the rusted hatchback out front with the Darwin fish bumper sticker peeling off. Inside you will generally find comics, games, and a shady back-room where some unknown gamers always look at you suspiciously.

PLACE: The Headquarters - This is one of two places. Someone's mom's house, perfection, well-lit, dusted, vaccuumed, and a ready supply of Cokes, pizza, chips, cookies. It smells pleasant, is easy to find, and there is a big wide table perfect for gaming.
... or...
One of the gamer's apartments. The apartment is typically bare of furniture, except perhaps a ratty futon and a table that cannot be used because his miniatures are still drying. There is nothing to drink, BYOB, no food, and the place smells of rotting McDonalds bags. The carpet has enough dirt and mold to be a monster used in the game, and is always slightly damp for some unexplained reason.

Of the two places, the latter is always preferred... because no gamer wants to have his role-playing hampered by having to censor what he says around someone's parents.

ARCHETYPE ONE: THE MERCHANT - This is the man who runs the Comic Book Shop. It's always a man. He's always slightly overweight. He always tells you he's giving you his Special Discount rate. He usually wears glasses. And invariably, there is always something creepy about him. Like you'd rather not be stuck alone in the same room as him.

ARCHETYPE TWO: THE STORYTELLER - No, not the Game Master, but instead the annoying guy you always run into at the Comic Book Shop. The type that must always tell you about the time his character from such and such game was the last to survive when the whole party died, and managed to kill the monster when the character was down to one hit point. Or about the ultimate Battle Mech/Starship/Car Wars Car that he made that could defeat anything anyone else ever made.

ARCHETYPE THREE: THE TASKMASTER - This is the Game Master, GM, DM, Dungeon Master, whatever you call it. He's the one that actually does 99% of the work, organizing the HQ, writing up an adventure, refereeing the game, mapping dungeons, calling everyone the previous week to make sure who is coming and who isn't. Most Taskmaster's burn out after six months or learn to delegate.

ARCHETYPE THREE: THE BOYFRIEND - This is the player that has a girlfriend who doesn't like the fact that he's gone once a week to role play. After a couple of failed attempts to get her to join, he ends up showing up about once every two or three weeks, never knows what's going on, and eventually drops out of the group.

ARCHETYPE FOUR: THE HARDCORE - There are usually two of these in any group. They are either best friends of the Taskmaster, or like his style so much they stick with him through the revolving players. They are dependable, will always be prepared, on time, and have spare books.

ARCHETYPE FIVE: THE FIRST-TIMER - This is the baby of the bunch. He doesn't really know the game, wants to know, but has has a million questions. Over half the game time is spent explaining rules/spells/weapons to them. They either drop out after 2-3 gaming sessions or they turn into Hardcores, or Burnouts.

ARCHETYPE SIX: THE BURNOUT - This is a gamer that used to be Hardcore and something happened. Maybe he lost interest, got too interested and had one of his favorite characters die, or some other depressing thing. He spends most of the gaming session reading or sleeping, his character only taking action when the Taskmaster says "What do you do now?" or he is prodded by a fellow player. He's generally the last to arrive and the first to leave.

If anyone would like to add basic archetypes to the group, feel free. I'm pretty sure these cover most of them.

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