Deep in the heart of Algonquin, Illinois is a tavern called the Riverview. It includes a dining room, bar, deck, and pizza take-out and delivery area. The menu is diverse, including many sandwiches, foldovers, wraps, pasta, chicken, ribs, seafood, and, of course, pizza. The patrons are mostly working-class people who enjoy good food and strong drink. Every table is served up a hearty basket of beer nuggets upon arrival. Complimentary.

The name refers to the Fox River an important body of water for the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. Although you can't see the river at all from Riverview's current location, it once rested almost on the bank right in downtown Algonquin. Unfortunately, the area is rapidly growing and traffic problems compelled the government to make the restaurant (which had been there since 1913, when the Riverview first opened as an inn). into a right-turn lane. Originally, the owner refused the paltry amount of money offered for the property, but, after a lengthy set of legal battles with IDOT, (Illinois dept. of Transportation) he was forced to sell and build on a new location, just outside downtown, on main street.

It (was) also Lunarloki's place of employment.

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