The Immortal is a superb game, written for the Megadrive/Genesis as well as possibly other platforms. You take the role of the apprentice of a Wizard who has gone missing in a labyrinth. You enter the labyrinth in a quest to find him. There is some fighting in the game but it is most puzzle solving. It's also genuinely terrifying, with horrible moments galore - like when you're walking along and a giant worm bursts out of the ground and eats you alive. Well, anyway, it's superb, and in my mind, one of the best RPGs available on the Genesis.

It's worth noting that one of the key influences behind The Immortal was Will Harvey, formerly known for other games such as Zany Golf. Somewhat of a difference between fantasy minigolf and this one...

It was ported from the Apple IIgs to the Amiga, Atari ST, Megadrive/Genesis, IBM PC and NES, and there's probably more than that out there.

When I first discovered the game (on Sega Channel) I was awestruck by both the grotesque violence and the cackling glee in which the game seemingly arbitrarily punishes the player. After awhile of playing, you do figure out the game's tricks and can avoid them most of the time. This game would definitely be banned in Australia under the current regime, and I remember the NES version (which I played later) was rather sanitized by comparison. Thanks, Nintendo!

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