A sad affair that is usually the result of a combination of low self-esteem, hormones, and the fact that most teenagers spend their days in the presence of, well, other people with adolescent attitudes. The cliche that it is a desperate cry for attention is usually true.

Teenage Suicide can be prevented by spending quality time with your children and introducing them to situations where they are likely to make friends.

In the first half of the 20th Century, when a teenager committed suicide in a community, the local papers usually reported it on the front page with screamer headlines about how a horrible tragedy had occurred, and how such a wonderful kid with a bright future had somehow ended it all. This practice tended to trigger more suicides from other depressed kids hungry for the same kind of attention. After a few incidents of multiple suicides, editors got wise to what was happening, and when suicide is reported today, the stories are more terse.

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