TankPit (also known as battlefield to it's players) is a java based free online multiplayer 2d Tank game created by, but was taken down by the developers. Now it has been resurrected again by popular demand. Battlefield is  often confused with the popular video game series also under the name Battlefield. Play Battlefield is an entirely different game. In the old you had a choice of selecting one of 8 maps and one of four colors to enter.  At present TankPit allows you access to 1 map that gets rotated between a plethora of different maps randomly so players can enjoy their favorite map. Upon entering, you  attack enemy colored tanks or if you are on a team join up in massive raids. The game has a low amount of new players but a high amount of experienced players to watch and from whom new players can learn the basics. The game also has a ranking system as follows; you start as a recruit and work your way up the ranking board. The highest rank you can obtain in the game is general. Promotion to higher ranks requires war experience you obtain through fighting with other tanks. Also, promotion to all ranks above sergeant requires deactivating a tank one rank below your current rank or higher, with the exception of general, which requires deactivating another colonel or general. There are various equipments you obtain to help you on the field. There is also a leader board system in the map where the most experienced tank will be the highest ranked player. There are five leader boards, one leader board for each color and one combined leader board for the community ranking. After playing for some time, you will learn this game consists of tactics and speed. To learn more tactics you can always watch the old school players on the field taking raids or raiding others. has now been up and running for over 12 months! It's a remake of a classic game, battlefield, made by in 1997. Although the game is mostly played by 'old school' players, newcomers are always welcome. You start out on the homepage. From there you get a very basic understanding of the game. Reading the guide can help but the reality is, tankpit has a rather high learning curve. It's important not to get frustrated at being deactivated especially when you are a new player.  Having said that, you can create your tank by choosing a name. You then enter the world map, which is rotated between the 6 most popular maps from battlefield. The least popular old map, deep six, has been excluded from tankpit. It's a case of out with the old and in with the new. The developers recently held a purple heart contest. The competition was map design and several winners have been chosen. The new maps are currently being created and will soon be implemented into regular play and tournament rotation. Once you enter as one of four factions (red, blue, purple or orange) gathering equipment is an essential task. It's not possible to fight back effectively against other players without collecting equipment. A lot of players play for the adrenaline that pumps during large battles, particularly when you are the target. Keep in mind fighting generates experience that will climb your way up the leaderboard. The #1 tank is simply the tank that has experienced the most combat.


Tournaments are held weekly and are either 1 or 2 hours. All players start out as a recruit with no equipment. The objective is to gather equipment then battle the other players. It's a contest of both rank and experience, because a player that ends as a higher rank will be ahead of you even if you gained more experience during the tournament. You can see how you matched up when the results are posted after tournaments. The top 3 tanks at the end of tournament receive cups. Gold, silver and bronze for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. You can earn other awards in game and special awards are given out monthly for various contributions to the game. So come on down to the tankpit! Mouth watering action is served up daily and it's a case of the more the merrier! To finish off, I'd like to explain some terms associated with the game.

The specifics of ranking your new tank are as follows:  tanks start out as a recruit. A small amount of combat will promote you to private, then corporal and finally sergeant. After sergeant comes lieutenant, captain, major, colonel and then general. General is the highest rank. As a general your fuel bar is the largest and you can hold the most equipment. To continue being promoted you must deactivate a tank 1 rank below you as well as fight to fill up your exp bar. When you are a colonel, however, deactivating a major will not promote you to general. You must either deactivate a general or another colonel. Fuel is essentially your health bar. All in game actions cost fuel. Being shot by other players and making large teleports consumes fuel the fastest. If you run out of fuel, you have been deactivated. Eventually you will earn honor medals from being deactivated. You also get knocked back 1 rank and lose half of your current equipment. Ranks are often abbreviated while mentioned in discussion. A lot of other terms come up frequently too.

serg - sergeant

liuet - lieutenant

capt - captain

maj - major

col - colonel

gen - general

pph - points per hour (In battlefield you could keep track, now it just refers to players who are trying to gather points effectively. For example, 'HOPE SOLO has above average pph', or 'Liquified and HOPE SOLO have been pph'ing all night again')

eq - equipment (I was low on eq so I ran from the fight for a while to gather more)

marathon - this term is used to refer to players who run away from combat. No matter how long you chase some people they will just continue to run. Most players will turn and fight even when the odds are against them. Those who just keep running have taken off on a 'marathon.' (Lebron James is the marathon champion!)

fk - free kill - this is referring to players who intentionally let themselves get deactivated by a friend in order to boost their friends rank. Fk's have been around since '97 but have never been encouraged. (sean987? Might as well call him fk987!)

die downs - this refers to players who give up in tournament at some point and let their tank be repeatedly deactivated by the players still competing. (Would any wikids ever cup without suspicious die downs?)

ss - screen shot (Unbelievable! You deactivated Fluke? I hope you took a ss!)

raid - a group of tanks picking targets (The purples have been raiding all day!)

mob - very large number of tanks of one color or players of multiple colors targeting one player (Man, I was doing fine in that raid until it turned into a humongous mob!)

take - fighting against a raid or mob without taking off on a 'marathon' (BRAVERY had a solid take against that 5 player raid! Yea, he took it like a champion!)

snipe - using the scope to fire on players while remaining off their screen (Fluke loves to snipe raids but doesn't like to take)

fill - gathering equipment (I had an 8 minute fill in the last tournament)

q low, low quitter - leaving the map when close to deactivation (Sure he almost never gets deactivated but he's a notorious low quitter)

Hopefully I've armed you with some knowledge about the game. Now go try it out for yourself!

To learn more join us on for an adventure you will never forget.

Written by ENDURANCE

Created by ENDURANCE

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