1. A band of fabric or leather sewn inside the crown of a hat as protection against sweat.
  2. A band of material worn around the head or wrist to absorb sweat. Also currently used as a ‘punk rock’ fashion accessory (England 2004).

The sweat band was originally used by tennis players both on their heads (to keep sweat out of their eyes) and on their wrists (better racquet grip). It's intigration into the music scene began when guitarists realised that wearing one on their wrists stopped their hands getting so sweaty, thus making it easier to play harder faster music with less risk of dropping the plectrum (pick).

Since the origin of the sweat band, many corporate sporting manufacturers have begun adding embroidered logos to sweat bands, followed by charging up to 10 times the price of a blank one. Many rock bands have also begun adding this embroidery, with rock stars throwing them into the crowd at concerts.

Fashionable methods of wearing your wristband.

Just wearing one's wristband on the wrist as normal is obviously not 'cool' enough. Here are some fashionable ways of styling your new elastic accessory:

  • High up the forearm almost on the elbow - Maybe this stops the sweat band catching on guitar strings as you hammer away at 2000bpm.
  • Right down on the base of the wrist/top of the hand - This style should cover your hand except for the fingers and is particularly dope. Favoured amongst Hip Hop enthusiasts.
  • Two on one wrist! - Wear two one above the other one one arm, because obviously you are so sweaty you need them.

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