Actually, I would suggest buying nothing from WaxTrax!, as this formerly great label is now owned by TVT, a small label that somehow manages to treat its bands worse than the majors do. But I digress...

The recording of Supernaut is one of those famous pieces of industrial music lore. New-kid-on-the-industrial-block Trent Reznor drops in on Al Jourgensen's Chicago studio. Al decides Trent's nasal screams would sound better than his usual Chris Connelly imitation on the cover of Sabbath's "Supernaut". So they cut the track, only to have TVT, Reznor's label at the time, disallow the collaboration. Subsequently, Al goes to the labels and the press, informing everyone within earshot that he re-sang the vocals himself.

Of course, anyone with a brain can tell that it's just Trent's voice distorted. But then again, this is TVT we're talking about here.

Anyway, the track rocks, as do many former WaxTrax! releases, so I suggest obtaining a copy the way TVT would rather you not. I suppose you could also find it in the WaxTrax! Black Box set, if that's the way you swing.

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