Sulpher (misspelling intentional) is the name of a British industrial/rock band. They have been described (in a somewhat unfair attempt to easily categorise the band's sound) as a British version of Nine Inch Nails.

There's a great deal of heavy distorted electronics, as well as some astonishingly dense guitar fuzz. The band favors such classic techniques as stop-start quiet/loud mechanisms (often with enough startling intensity to make you jump), and the ever-popular "wall of sound" (meaning the distortion literally envelops you).

They distance themselves from such big-shots in the industrial-rock field as Stabbing Westward by emphasising a thick guitar sound, albeit thoroughly wrapped in a brick of electronic processing. Whereas Chris Hall and his buddies go for a more organic guitar sound, letting the computer bleep away in the background.

The band's two main members are:

When performing live, they are supported by Mud, who handles bass duties, and Kevin Stewart, who twiddles the live synths.

They have released one album, "Spray". The first single, "One of Us", can be downloaded for free from their website -

The band has also gained notoriety by collaborating with other artists, most noticeably producing Gary Numan's landmark album "Pure".

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