AKA Cabane à sucre. Traditionally the place where maple sap is gathered in a giant boiler to make maple syrup. The syrup/sap ratio is about 100:1. That's a LOT of steam.
Today it means a place where maple producers have a restaurant that serves traditional lumberjack breakfasts, has guided tours of maple production and miscellaneous outdoor activities.
The production season is aboot three weeks long, just around Easter, when the daytime temperature is above freezing, and the nighttime temp. is below -- this is the phenomenon that makes the maple trees produce sweet sap.

Stuff you'll see at a sugar shack
Maple trees connected by huge networks of plastic tubing
Ham'n'Eggs drenched in maple syrup
Oreilles de christ: Deep fried pork rinds.
Maple toffee: Thickened maple syrup poured directly on the snow; you pick it up with a popsicle stick
Maple candy, butter, pastries.
Drunken french canadians.

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