A Keenspot web comic by John "the Gneech" Robey, centering on the adventures and misadventures of anthropomorphic animals as they try to go through life. The usual protagonist is Tiffany Tiger, a feisty feline who works a 9 to 5 job but is pursuing her dream career as a supermodel on the side. Other characters include Leonard, a lion bartender who has an unrequited crush on Tiffany; Conrad, another tiger who is currently going steady with Tiffany despite his hard-to-control libido; and Dover, a cheetah programmer who has delved so deeply into computers that he is capable of speaking only in code (and who is going steady with Tiffany's sister Comfort).

Suburban Jungle has some similarities to Kevin and Kell in that sentient predators prey on sentient herd animals, but the overall tone is more serious. The strip ordinarily comes out three times a week, but is occasionally intermittent as Robey's life and health interfere with his ability to keep it up.

The website for Suburban Jungle is http://www.suburbanjungle.com. Robey also does a modern fantasy comic strip called Never Never.

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