Fourth uncle skilo was great, important, rich man, who do many things for people of disyr, and also many things for me.

Before he die, fourth uncle skilo is do many things. He is make dictionaire of disyr people, and also is own shops and land in city. he is make great fortune and buy expensive car, he is have girlfriend who is very beautiful. he is smoke expensive cigarette and always provide vodka for birthday of family.

fourth uncle skilo, he speak seven language or maybe nine. is work to bring job, business, and telephone to disyr. some business he bring, and is good, but he die too early for two important deal to be sign. deal for delivery of stove gas, and deal for install of water well powered by solar panel and electric motor.

some year ago, he is die in crash of expensive car. he was come home to disyr to visit, away from business in city. is problem with car maybe, or problem with road, and he fall down side of mountain and die. since I am he first-nephew, is my job to get he body and he things from when he die and bring back to disyr for funerary.

when I get to body and he things, I am not surprise that corrupt workers are taking all money from he wallet and pocket. i find keys to car, keys to apartment, and other things he is have. in he will (document of instructions for after he death) fourth uncle skilo, he is leave me all of he things except expensive car, which he say was go to he girlfriend for to drive away back to her home.

when i go to he apartment in city, I find police and he girlfriend. Police are carry away he things, and he girlfriend already empty out safe and take all he golden and silvern jewelry and cufflink from suit. Police are take suits, furniture, candlestick, and other things from apartment.

girlfriend is say to me, "go away mountain boy, skilo none of your business". fourth uncle skilo, he was famous and everybody know he rich. i think when he die, police from sabuz, near disyr, are tell police of nakchivan city, "go take skilo things, before family comes". girlfriend of skilo, she is have forgery paper saying he sell her all business already, and she tell judge that if he is sign, half of business money go to him. only thing left for me is apartment. costs to hire apartment in one month cost more than all of disyr have, so I am force to let landlord take away.

only thing left of fourth uncle skilo are he books, which I take, only typewriter of language of disyr, which I take also, and some clothes which do not fit, so I am give to other people of disyr.

is good though, because many people are know fourth uncle skilo, and they are remember him. so, when i am move to city for this job, many, many people are say "you are first nephew of skilo! i give you best price for apartment" and "i give you best price for food" or "you must come to party of my family".

some of them, they do this because they think i have money of skilo, and those friends-to-the-money did not last when they are see my poor shoes and coat. but some of them are friends-to-the-man, and these are making things much more easy for my time in city. because best price on hire of apartment, and eating after closing of restaurant, i can save more.

so, even that money and things of fourth uncle skilo are all gone now, this save me from friends-to-the-money and show me friends-to-the-man, who is which one. I am looking at deposit slip, and see now that I can save money in 75% of the time I plan for originally, to go back to disyr and buy a good farm.

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