After death of fourth-uncle skilo, many things change in disyr. People of disyr find out that fourth-uncle skilo made deals of business that were steal gas from disyr.

how he did this was a very good trick. forever, disyr was a very poor place and very poor people. we were mostly farming, and raising goats, and other things that make people in cities call us peasants.

fourth-uncle skilo, he made money in business, in cities and traveled all over the world. he discovered before everyone else that whole valley of disyr is on top of very much gas, but he was not an engineer to make wells and pipes to carry it for sale.

many years went by, and everyone is knowing that skilo is best son of disyr. he made business deals to bring to disyr service of telephone - first ever. and also, digging of new wells for clean water that comes from very deep and clear pools, under the ground.

one year, he makes a business deal that installs gas stoves in every house of disyr. pipes are built from the city, and huge plant is made to pump gas into every house. all of it, free, and skilo is pay for it from his many business profits, because he is best son of disyr and loves his people and valley.

but, all of gas business was a trick. it was greatest trick. gas was pumping from disyr to city. people of disyr only getting as payment their own gas! skilo is taking all of money from this business deal.

but now, that the trick is discovered, all family of disyr are share the money from this gas, and still have gas for free. some people take the money (that is a monthly payment) and move away, to be outside of disyr. most people stay, and they use the money to build beautiful houses, or keep fine horses, or send children to school.

two brothers who are not the oldest, third-son of bilop and fourth-son of bilop, are making only smallest share of the gas pension. but, even youngest sons of bilop have same spirit of bilop, who owns largest shop of disyr. they take their smallest shares of the gas pension, and invest in tiny business.

each brother is buying special cart from manufactory, that has places for cooking, storage of food, and movable by a person. and, cooking places use gas, which they fill for free from gas facility in disyr, same as cooking of home stoves.

third-son of bilop and fourth-son of bilop are selling fried potato, hotdog, nawkhwa, and other small foods. meatcarts are only place in disyr to get food from outside disyr, and each brother has the same idea: race to make best profit to open full restaurant or cafe inside of disyr, and become very rich like father bilop.

but, something else is happen instead of restaurant. since bilop is rich, all sons of bilop have azerbaijan passport and certificates; and in 2009 third-son and fourth-son of bilop are both win lottery for hajj to mecca in saudi arabia. poor countries people do not get as many lottery chance as rich countries, so some are waiting many years for chance to go on hajj. policy is made by saudi arabia, but no other countries are agree. it is unfortunate way.

second-son of bilop is dead, so he does not care. but first-son of bilop is very upset, but everybody knows that only way is lottery, and best luck comes to family of bilop that two sons are winning. bilop is not upset, since bilop made hajj before sons were born, before lottery became only way. bilop tells first-son of bilop to silence, and be honored to be in family of so many hajji.

when fourth-son and third-son of bilop are return from hajj, people have great respect. both come home and change their meatcart. soon, both make very promise of halaal only foods. Also, fourth-son and third-son, during hajj, have learned from the greatest of salafi imams on the true ways of islam. Soon, as they are increase of wealth, they are speaking of islam and the false islam of disyr muslims.

islam in disyr is very old. nobody alive in disyr remembers a relative who did not remember islam in disyr. forever almost, half of disyr is catholic, following teachings of catholicos of all armenians, who is from the line of saint grigor lusavorich. other half is muslim, and they are all shiite. forever, there is no problem except sometimes from mullahs. in disyr, two judges. one for catholic peoples, one for islam peoples, and if problem is between catholic and muslim, then both judges sit and agree on ways that fit both laws. if the problem is too large, then trial is made at army court.

so it is a problem when fourth-son and third-son of bilop become angry about religious of other people of disyr. they say catholicos go to hell because islam is the only way. they say muslims go to hell because they are not good muslims.

and then another problem. this is a very big problem, for all people of disyr but especially muslim.

the mullah is very old, and he says that he will die soon. always, mullah of disyr is from people of disyr.

third-son and fourth-son of bilop think they must fight to be the new mullah, when mullah of disyr is dead. so both are competing, to try to show mullah who is better muslim.

soon, it is impossible to buy hotdog from fourth-son if you are woman without scarf for her hair. fourth-son says it is against the prophet. then third-son says fourth-son is a bad muslim, and you cannot buy from third-son if you are woman without husband, son, or male-cousin to hold your money.

then fourth-son says third-son is a bad muslim who sells to kafirs, so no catholicos can buy a hotdog from fourth-son. then third-son says you cannot buy hotdog if you do not say shahadah.

it goes this way for one year. always they argue, and yell, and say names against each other.

the mullah decides to name the new one, and both brothers, they are in a race to rebuild the masjid, to prove piety. one spends 50 000 manat on a new top. one spends 100 000 manat on a glass picture for the walls. soon, both are poor again.

to prove they are true, they sell their meatcarts and use the last money to buy rugs for all people of disyr.

soon, mullah of disyr tells the people of disyr that the new mullah will be the first-son of the mullah.

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