In the United Kingdom it is possible to buy electricity during "off peak" hours (i.e. during the night) more cheaply than standard peak time generated power.
A storage heater consists of heavy, heat retaining bricks warmed by an electric element, which can store this energy during the night, and release it as heat during the day.
The storage heater gives out it's heat in two ways :- Firstly by direct radiation; the bricks warm the outside covering of the heater, which the radiates the heat directly into the room. Secondly flaps in the heater allow cold air to be drawn in and warmed over the bricks to give out heat into the room via convection. Fan assisted models allow a "heat boost" to be given to the room, at the expense of much faster loss of the stored heat.

Practicaly, these heating systems only really give background warming to a house, unless very good insulation is present and usually need to be suplemented by conventional heating systems.

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