Something that effects mainly clothing. Mechanical clothes dryers are the usual culprit, although dry weather can also be a factor. Synthetic fabrics tend to suffer from this more than natural fibers.

Basically, static cling causes clothing to become autoerotic in the sense that it starts adhering to itself and is rather tenacious about letting go.

Cling can be averted through the use of dryer sheets or fabric softener, both of which have the added benefit of infusing your clothing with something that smells like perfume, but is probably a sweet smelling stock of U.S. government surplus agent orange that they had to get rid of now that the commies won't play war anymore.

Do not drink your fabric softener if you currently suffer from static cling! Instead, attempt to sit in a comfortable position, or at least hide yourself from public view until you learn how to do laundry properly.

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