Quite possibly the most hillarious, violent, and disturbing Itchy & Scratchy segment featured on the Simpsons ever.

Episode #CABF11 "Bye Bye Nerdie", aired in North America on Sunday March 11, 2001 on the Fox Network. This was a parody of the Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, with possibly some references to the film "se7en". Basicly, Itchy the mouse (I think) pours a box of Stabby O's cereal down Scratchy's throat until he is unnaturally bloated and quivering. He then throws him down on the table and cuts open his chest cavity, which is full of cereal! Itchy then pours milk into Scratchy's chest and some kids gather around him as magical flavored marmallows rise out of the gore. He then begins naming the various bloody hatchets and kife shaped dried marshmallow shapes. Scratchy comments "soo cold" after Itchy pours the milk into him, turns pale and dies. If this episode is ever picked up for syndication, I higly doubt that this segment will be shown in its entirety if at all.

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