I have, in a closet somewhere in my house, a spring-powered swatting gun.

It's made of a cheery shade of red plastic, and it looks more like a raygun than a swatting device, but its purpose is apparent.

It looks like this:

          /= Spring
         \/   |      \
     ========<|       |- Swatter
    /   = /   |      /
   /  /  \
  /_/     \- Trigger
When you pull the trigger, the swatter is propelled forward at the target by means of the spring. A small string is attached to the swatter so that it doesn't disappear behind the couch, although it also limits the range.

The swatter is a circle of white plastic mesh about 4-5 inches in diameter.

It's a nifty device, although not very practical. I always had fun with it, although I don't think we've ever actually killed a bug with it.

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