Sobameishi is a Japanese dish consisting of yakisoba (fried soba) and yakimeishi (fried rice) chopped up and mixed with a wonderful sauce. A particularly delicious variety is served with raw egg on top. Said egg is then mixed into the steaming food and thereby cooked, much as in carbonara sauce.

Extra sauce (spicy or sweet) and mayonnaise are optional, but recommended, as are seaweed flakes.

Excellent sobameishi may be found in a small restaurant on the north side of the train tracks as one walks west from Sannomiya to Motomachi in Kobe.

In the absence of proper ingredients, not-quite-so-excellent sobameishi may be made using spaghetti in place of soba, and a mixture of catsup, Worcestershire, and soy with fresh ginger and spices to taste in place of sobameishi sauce. This will not fool (nor likely please) anyone who has had the real deal, but has won compliments from those ignorant to the true delight of the authentic dish.

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