A signal report is a term used in amateur radio.

After two radio amateurs contact, they both give a signal report. This is a measure of their signal. For talking stations it is two numbers and for Morse stations is it three numberes.

The first number is always the readability, this is how well you can hear and understand the other person. It varies from 1 to 5.

  1. Unreadable
  2. Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable
  3. Readable with considerable difficulty
  4. Readable with practically no difficulty
  5. Perfectly readable

The second number is the signal strength. This can either be guessed or read directly off the s-meter on the radio transceiver. It usually varies from 1 to 9, but sometimes an extra dB reading is added.

  1. Very very weak
  2. Very weak
  3. Weak
  4. Fair
  5. Moderate
  6. Good
  7. Strong
  8. Very Strong
  9. Very Very strong

The last number is the Morse code tone. This again varies from 1 to 9 using a graduation similar to the strength reading.

For example, after contact is made you say "your signal is five by seven, fifty-seven". This means that the signal is strong and is perfectly readable. Or you could say five by five, perfectly readable with ok signal.

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