you can't eat a compact disc so don't try to, and it is not a donut even though it has a little hole. also don't glaze it with sugary icing, because that adds calories. not that you can eat it anyway, my mom probably would've told me not to eat cd's if she had thought of it. i bet i tried to eat one when i was a baby instead of eating flies like all the other babies. oh sure, but remember that little boy that tried to eat a bee? he was so brave. even when his tongue swelled to twice the size of his head, he didn't cry. though, i think that's because he couldn't.

i've decided to corner the jello market, but i'm not sure how to keep it refrigerated so that it doesn't revert back to its liquid state. that is almost funny, especially not at all, like lime jello. don't put kiwis in jello. this is your first warning. it still tastes good, the jello, but it won't turn into a more solid jello at all. there is something in the kiwi that makes it not. i think this may also apply to other fruits, maybe banana.

if you put your plants near a window, make sure the leaves don't hit the glass because they'll get cold. also, don't forget to rotate them, so that each little leaf can drink in the sun equally. leaves on a plant are kind of like antelopes, only not even a little bit. so don't feed the monkeys.

i'm sorry, i really am. really.

here's a little song i just wrote:

there used to be a little box
where i kept my beer and things
but one day, it was too small
that was the day that i realized
i drank too much beer, so i quit.

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