In softball, each team has ten players. In addition, in many leagues, a team pitches to itself. There are normally four outfielders - right field, right center, left center, and left field - plus 5 infielders - third base, shortstop, second base, first base, and catcher. The tenth player has two options. First, they could stand next to the pitcher. This is a pretty useless position. Short bunts can be handled by the catcher, and long bunts by an infielder. So most teams use them as a shortfielder.

The shortfielder usually stands between 5 and 20 meters directly behind second base. From this position, they close up the line drive hole left open between second and the short stop. In addition, they can field the bloopers that batters love to use to confound the outfield. And, of course, the make a natural cutoff man for plays from the far outfield.

Skillwise, the shortfielder needs to suck the least in everything, but doesn't need to be stellar. They have to hustle, but only short distances. They'll throw a bit, but never for long throws. They'll field a lot, but never fast line drives with no response time, nor really high, long fly balls.

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