Hello, my name is Debbie. And I am a shopoholic.

My troubles first started when I was 20 and I moved into my first apartment. At first I was just trying to save a little money on groceries. I discovered Wegmans, the local grocery store, doubled all coupons 99 cents or less. After a few weeks of clipping coupons I started to get the Sunday paper delivered to my house because that's the day the coupons come!

The Sunday paper also contained the sale flyers for both Tops and Wegmans.

That first week I got the paper I sat down with that weeks coupons and the sale flyers and I noticed that a majority of the products that had a coupon were also on sale that week. I started to add up my savings and before I knew it I was hooked. I began to look forward to Sundays just so I could find all the lovely, cheap, deals that were waiting for me.

I can honestly say that Wegmans began my love affair with deals and sales and coupons and bargains! Wegmans is one of the first grocery stores to ever 'offer' its customers the 'benefits' of a Shopper's Club. If only you could have seen the pure look of joy on my face as those discounts came ticking off one by one!

As my addiction grew stronger I began to buy two, sometimes even three (depending on the amount of good coupons that week) papers. I would wake up bright and early Sunday morning and rush to the door to get my paper. I would spend hours cutting and sorting coupons, it was my escape from the worries of life, it was my addiction. I even called my mother and asked her to send me her coupons because they didn't double the coupons where she lived so they were larger in amount. And this began my days of getting cereal for 50 cents a box, salad dressing for a negative nickel (They were actually paying ME to get this stuff!) and soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, you name it, for less than a tenth of its original cost. I was sick. I was addicted. But I didn't need help. How could I? I mean really, I had enough cereal to last me a lifetime! Then I started looking at the other sale flyers....

Soon I was buying rolls of streamers for 29 cents just because they were on sale and someday I might have a party, shoes for $5 just because they were $5!!, and Christmas wrapping paper because it was 75% off and I could use it next year. Before I knew it I had bought so much stuff that I didn't have anywhere to put it anymore!

As my addiction began with my introduction to Wegmans, it ended with my farewell to it. About a year and a half ago I moved to Albany, NY. The grocery stores do not double coupons here and so I have been forced to curb my shopoholic tendencies. That is...until I found Grand Union. Doh! I have relapsed. Double coupons have entered my life again....please help me!

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