You'd like for me to say something, wouldn't you? Well... Not to burst your bubble or anything, but I'm going to remain completely silent for the tenure of this node.

I find it to be unnerving when you can't convince somebody to say something. In fact, I find it torturously near to being psychologically intimidated by the entire local chapter of Mensa in a tiny room, smoke filled and laden with hard liquor (why Mensa members would be acting like the mob, I don't know, but it's kinda like this weird, scary dream I once had. You'd like me to placate you with a word, the kind gesture that would allow you to sit back and be happy that you've influenced the fate that I so inevitably fall towards. But I will not help you out. I will not be congenial. I will not be receptive to your needs.

Are you starting to realize the seriousness of the demand you've made? Does it make you ashamed to realize that I've seen through your schemes by deciding not to say anything, let alone something to you? Are you getting anxious, worried,troubled, baffled, vexed, confused, or otherwise bothered by the fact that I'm going to sit here in silence while you wait for me to say something? I sure hope so, because I'd not sleep well tonight knowing that I've bowed to the request of someone who wanted nothing more than to hear me speak.

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