This is what Homer thinks Lisa's saxophone is called in the Simpsons. My friends and I have applied this naming convention to increasingly inappropriate words over the time we've been acquainted.

It all started when someone (my girlfriend, I think) referred to a taxi as a "taximaphone", which I found hilarious. Since then various friends' names have occasionally been augmented with the "-maphone" suffix, and the implicit rules governing which words are allowed to be modified in this way (for example, that they sound vaguely like "saxophone", or at least have superficially similar syllable emphasis or vowel positions) have been sufficiently loosened that recently one of us referred to a moving staircase as an "escalatomaphone" without raising an eyebrow.

My girlfriend Melanie, who (probably) started the whole craze, has adopted mellamaphone as her most common handle; apart from being her username on Everything and various other websites, she also has business cards proclaiming her as "dj mellamaphone", which may come in handy when she commences her imagined career in techno.

Trivia question: whose Fifth Symphony did Homer steal the main theme from when singing "Saxomaphone, saxomaphone..." ?

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