An offensive term for anyone of native Arabic descent which has lately extended to include Muslims.

The etymology of many racial epithets can be linked to a particular war or military campaign -- it is of no unimportant psychological value to dehumanise the "other side."

Amended entry: The reason for this link was due to a very succinct and moving essay by noder riverrun on the so-called "War On Terror". He quoted Kevin Alexander Gray, CounterPunch contributer and civil rights organizer in Columbia, South Carolina:

"Y'all saw the looks in the faces of those soldiers accused of abusing Iraqi citizens. It was that lynch mob look. That same look as those white folks in all those lynching photos in the history books.

It's the same thing. It's how America deals with niggers and sand niggers."

A hardlink was then provided for the term, but no write-up was provided. This definition is not done in any spirit to offend, merely to provide a background on a serious issue.

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