Sacred stones are rocks that have significance.

A stone need not be a precious gem to be sacred. It could be a pebble that you had in your pocket when you're life was almost lost, or a piece of hematite your best friend gave to you in a handmade necklace.

Sacred stones can also be arrangements of stone.. Circular pseudo-chairs around a campfire by moonlight, stairways in a forbidden forrest, mounds of rock peacefully placed in a garden placed specifically because they're special, no tangible reason perhaps...

I'm not talking about New Age crystal healing.
Just the personal meaning of rocks. Simple rocks and their magic.

Colorado has oodles of sacred stones and mountains.
I left part of my soul with them when I visited and saw their power.

That is my definition of sacred stones.

I have a collection of sacred stones. I used to carry them with me all the time, but currently they're here and there around my apartment. Some are just nice to look at, and others hold memories. I think everyone should have a sacred stone or two...Some of mine are pretty nifty, such as a fancifully swirly-carved tiger's eye, but others are mundane to the uninformed--such as the most recent, a very plain small piece of slate. Well, it does shimmer a bit when held at an angle, but the reason it's special is because I picked it up along the beach at Yamdrok Lake in the Tibetan Himalayas. It holds the memory of intensely blue, blue-beyond-blue skies and equally blue lakewater, ringed by mountains and so beyond anything Earthbound that it seemed like I stood on the shores of the sky itself.

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