March 26th
  • Downtime is coming! Well, at least a few hours of it, probably this weekend. I am putting the finishing touches on a very finicky and complicated operation to translate all of the database tables to utf8. This is something that has taken me all month because it's rather dangerous, and there's a huge possibility to mucking it up. The upside here is that when it is set, we'll be able to store non-latin characters in one-true-encoding. I'll announce the downtime a bit closer to the actual event, after I run everything through the appropriate level of neurotic sanity checking
  • Part of the results of this is checking to see whether or not certain things got truncated along the way. One thing I did find is that there are certain node titles in production that are blank. Seriously blank. node_forwards, debatecomments, tickets a few others. Cleaning those out or retitling as appropriate, but there are 86 of them to go.
  • Part of this retitling means that a lot of drafts that don't have titles are getting renamed to "(untitled draft)"
    March 30th
  • Tracked down a completely awful infinite loop in the display code that pegs the database if a particular node isn't found. This happens when there exists a displaytype for a particular type of node that you can't derive down to "node" for that displaytype
  • The DOS bug does not affect perlmonks. Moving on with my day

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